Tattoos have been around for centuries. From Cambodian monks who were tattooed with symbols of their beliefs, to Pacific Islanders who used tattoos to display respect for their Gods and attract good health.

Towards the 1800s, tattoos started being used as an art form by British sailors who adorned their bodies with tattoos showing off their lovers, birthing the pin-up girl and the iconic old school tattoo era.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t decorated their body with a tattoo or two. From minimal linear designs to intricate shaded pieces, tattooing has truly taken on its own world.

Whether you’re already a walking artwork yourself or looking to get your first inking, here’s a few of our fave artists out there at the moment.

Soju Princess
Hot on the tails of her residency here at ISLA, how could we not include our sis Soju Princess?

Yvonne is a self confessed “Molotov cocktail in an ocean of professionals”. We love the way she blends linear minimalism with quirky designs like this dragon, banana man, and T-Rex.

Soto Gang
Manuela Soto, aka Soto Gang isn’t just a tattoo artist, she’s also one hell of a woman with some seriously sick nails too. Her artwork gives us sexy anime vibes and is the perfect blend of cute but bad-ass.

We love this cowgirl babe and bad-bitch street girl chica, and we're totally inspired by Anouska Anastasia’s soto-nails.

Ruda Alina
Resident of our neighbours @future_berlin, Alina Ruda blends quirky designs with colour and textured lines. Her designs evoke fun and childhood reminiscence, from this skateboarding dog, to a tiger with lady legs.
Rozita Tattoo
A regular here at ISLA, Rozita has really made a name for themself in the Berlin tattoo scene. Riding the wave of the popular hand-poke tattoos, Rozita’s are both abstract and emotionally evocative.

Check out their work over at @fantasy_berlin, a queer tattoo collective serving up some seriously weird and wonderful designs.

Madame Buraka
Designer of the ISLA logo and international tattoo and photography sensation, Madam Buraka describes herself as “not a woman” but “a world”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Her designs are slick, sensual, and instantly recognisable, from her depictions of the female form to animal and lettering collages.