So like the rest of us, you're most likely stuck at home quarantining right now which obviously means you can't make it to ISLA to get your shellac removed - we feel you!  Even though we're closed for the time being, we've still got your back and your nails don't have to suffer! Our fab nail techs created this super easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to remove your shellac at home - you're welcome!

- Acetone (ideally) or gel polish remover (must contain acetone)
- Buffing block or soft file
- Cuticle pusher (or similar!)
- Cotton pads cut into quarters
- Aluminium foil

Step 1:
Carefully buff the surface layer off the shellac

Step 2:
Soak a piece of cotton pad with acetone, place on the nail and wrap tightly with foil


Step 3:
Leave to soak for 5 - 10 minutes.
If you use regular nail polish remover, you'll need to soak for longer!


Step 4:
With a cuticle pusher, gently remove the shellac

Step 5:
Rehydrate the skin and nails with cuticle oil

And voilà - you are good to go! 

Stay safe everyone!
The ISLA Team