Working as a nail tech is just like any other other job right? Wrong!

Our nail techs aren't only crazy talented at what they do; they also create the amazing vibe that we are known for at ISLA.  With a kickass team working to give you the best talons in Berlin whilst set to a backdrop of tunes from world renowned DJ's...well, wouldn't you wanna work for us?!  

Not only does working as a nail tech or nail artist allow you to express your creativity but also gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people and work on exciting projects.  In an industry that is constantly evolving, working in nails is anything but boring.

But less talk and more action.  We spoke with Pia and Maddy from our team to share the inside scoop on what makes working for ISLA so goddamn good! Over to you girls....

Pia's been with ISLA for a year now and originally started out in nails as a hobby.  With a love for all things creative and a background in illustration and fashion, her natural creativity transferred well to being a nail artist.

How did your journey at ISLA begin?
I began doing nails in my spare time as more of a hobby at first and didn't think about the possibility of it being a full time job.  A friend of mine told me about ISLA and suggested I contact them and that's basically how it happened!

Did you take any specialist nail courses and do you think it's necessary if you want to be a nail tech?
I took a nail technician course to learn the basics such as hygiene, prepping the nails etc which definitely helped but I think at ISLA they really recognise the potential in people over what courses they have done.  If you have a certain talent and are able to give a good manicure, they are really willing to support you in developing your skills.

Let's talk more about the team at ISLA - what do you love about it and how have they supported you?
There are so many things I love about working here and being part of an all female 
team is definitely one of them; it feels empowering.  The girls really support each other and were super patient with me when I started and was developing my skills.  It's a really chill, no pressure environment to work in and feels like hanging out with friends more than a job.

We love that the girls at ISLA each seem to have their own style.  What would you say is yours?
I'm definitely drawn to techy, graphic designs with a kind of Nineties vibe.

ISLA often collabs with people for events such as their recent pop up in New York with VFiles.  What have the highlights been for you so far?
We had a Nike event in-store which was really cool.  We were doing nails and had brand giveaways so it was a really fun event.

And finally, is there a typical ISLA client? 
The clients I meet really vary and I've done nails for people from the ages of 12 and up so it's a really diverse mix.

Check out some of our faves from Pia's work so far:

Maddy's been with ISLA since 2017 before the store even opened and has seen how the nail art scene has evolved in the past two years.  We chatted to her to get her take on what it's like to work for us and how she discovered ISLA.

So you've been with ISLA since the beginning; tell us a bit about your background and what led you to Berlin...
I was working as a freelance nail tech in London and hadn't really thought about the possibility of leaving the UK for work.  Charissa (ISLA's founder) was searching for talent at the time and contacted me after seeing some of my work on Instagram and told me about her plans to start up ISLA.  I liked the concept and could see Charissa's drive, passion and determination to succeed so I said I would try it for six months and see what happened.  I haven't looked back!

Having been with ISLA from the start, how would you say it has changed/evolved in the last 2 years?
Nail art was not really a thing here at first so that is something that has noticeably developed as the scene has grown in Berlin and the demand has increased.  I would say that the kind of brands we carry and the vibe of the store have remained true to how it was in the beginning.  

How do you think ISLA grew it's presence and gained it's following within the community?
Our popularity definitely increased through social media, particularly our Instagram but word of mouth has also been a really powerful tool.  We've been able to collaborate with some really cool brands such as Converse and Nike through events which has also boosted our profile both in Berlin and internationally.

Is there anything you miss about the freelance life?
The only thing I missed initially was working on fashion shoots but as ISLA has grown, it has opened up opportunities to be involved in events and shoots plus there's a lot to be said for being part of a team and having consistency.  It feels like being part of a community.

Tell us what you think ISLA is looking for in a nail tech...
ISLA looks for a nail tech with a good eye and the potential to develop.  Everyone here has learnt something new since they started with us, no matter how much experience they had in the industry beforehand.  There's always room for development and ISLA really supports the team in enhancing their skills.  

Would you say ISLA draws a particular crowd? 
The Berlin crowd obviously varies but we tend to attract the creative type, often between the ages of 18-35 and have a good mix of German and international clients.

We're currently loving these designs created by Maddy:

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Written by Hazel Hedges.