With a tag line stating she creates 'Fresh, original, bad ass nails for the people!', we knew Fleury Rose (@fleuryrosenails) and ISLA would vibe.  Ahead of our New York Pop up with VFILES this month, we sat down with the nail powerhouse to discover more about her world...  

so excited to have you join us for the VFILES Pop Up this month! How did you hear about ISLA and how did the collaboration come about?
I like to keep up with international nail art salons, and ISLA seemed very cool! When they contacted me to do the event with them at VFILES I was thrilled to work on such a cool collab.

Tell us how your career in nail art began…was it a tough industry to break into?
I started doing nails professionally almost 10 years ago...back then nail art was not what it is today. There really wasn’t a ton of coverage or interest in the art, so I’m really proud to be a pioneer in this field in NYC. I started as a hobbyist on TUMBLR and loved doing my own nails. I also have a background in fine art that helped me break boundaries around what materials and types of art I created.

What advice would you give to any aspiring nail artists looking to start a career in the field?  How has the industry changed since you started out?
My advice is to do it because you love it and are passionate about it. Period! Any other motivation such as money, fame, etc are fleeting, and will lead to disappointment and burnout. The industry is constantly changing, and fluctuating, what remains almost 10 years later is that I just fucking LOVE doing nails so no matter what, I find the motivation easily to keep creating.

You work in one of the world’s most exciting, yet fast-paced cities and balance that with being a working Mom (seriously impressive btw!).  How do you manage such a busy schedule?
Aww thank you for the love!!! It’s not an easy task at all. Some weeks are so hectic I feel like I won’t make it through, honestly...but then I do. Add on top of that being a Mom, and shit gets really really real. Honestly though, I always try to stay humble and have gratitude for how fortunate I am to get to wake up everyday, and do what I love, make art, make my own schedule, and spend time with my son (who’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met, btw!) I also try to meditate, collect crystals, and further develop my spiritual practices which keep me grounded, and sane.

We absolutely love your unique designs and regularly scroll through your Insta feed for inspo!  When it comes to your work, who and what inspires you?
Right now I’m really into making nails that look like crystals like Fluorite, Rose Quartz, etc. Living in Brooklyn for the last ten years has got me seriously missing nature, and I’m a huge crystal collector anyway so I really just find it soothing. In general I’ve always tried my best to steer away from what’s trendy and just do the kind of art that makes me feel good, and happy!

What are your thoughts on social media platforms such as Instagram? Does a strong online presence make a difference to you as a nail artist? 
There is no denying that Instagram is an important business tool for any nail artist, but I also think it’s SO important to be authentic, and not just copy what the big follower accounts are posting to get likes. I’ve been really working on showing my true self through my online presence in the last year, and have received a lot of positive feedback. I truly appreciate and love every one of my followers, and supporters who choose to spend a few moments of their day to look at my posts, and like, or comment!

What are your current fave nail products? Enable us….!
Sally Hansen has a spray on base coat for at home pedis that I live for these days. Anything to save my aching back haha.

OPI just came out with a fall collection inspired by Scotland, and it has some really funky colors I dig.

An old standby I recommend to everyone is CND Cuticle Eraser, it really exfoliates, so you don’t need to nip.

New York is a city that is constantly changing and evolving - any fave hang outs or places we should hit up whilst we’re in town?
The Fly: A newish spot in my neighbourhood that only serves rotisserie chicken, and sulfate free wine 😳.
Yaya Tea: For cheap Onigiri, and bubble tea with a fortune.
Momo: in Bushwick for sushi bombs!

Love dancing at Casablanca in Bedstuy!

What nail trends are you feeling this Fall/Winter? 
I’m really into burnt orange nail polish. I’ve been seeing it a lot in the salon. OPI came out with a brilliant one called Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith, and I also love Leaf Gel 602.

Can we look forward to more collaborations with ISLA in the future and when are you coming to Berlin?!?
I’d absolutely love to collaborate again! I’ve never been to Berlin, but it seems like the type of city I’d really like because of how artsy, inspiring, and progressive it is. Stay tuned ;)

Find out more about Fleury Rose:
Instagram: @fleuryrosenails
To book an appointment with Fleury Rose at Vanity Projects in New York click here.

To find out more about the ISLA x VFILES Pop Up and to make an appointment click here.

Written by Hazel Hedges.