We’re all about spreading body positivity and self-love here at ISLA. So when Girls* Support Girls* approached us to host a Body and Sensuality workshop, it was a big yes from us.

“The forever controversial and objectified female body is commented on, criticised, praised, and shamed by the whole world - especially when it comes to expressing sexuality, sensuality or body positivity” says Andra, who’ll be running the workshop on 12th May.

Do I need to show skin to be sexy?
When is a woman a woman?
Do I need to show skin to be sexy?
Gym, eyebrows, make up, nails, waxing: Am I perfect now?

These are just a few of the “constant fights in our heads and with society/males”, says Andra. “The female body is actually one of the most beautiful forces of nature” she adds, so “females should feel free to explore their body and sensuality.” And Andra’s Body and Sensuality workshop is your chance to do exactly that.

A regular on the ballroom voguing scene, Andra competes in a category called Sex Siren that allows her to set her “sexual energies free in a safe space”. The ballroom scene “made me a more confident woman” she says, “and I wanna share this liberating journey with you.”

The workshop will be split into three categories; talk, exercise, and play. The talk session is all about sharing experiences in our fem bodies. During the exercises, we’ll connect with and gain confidence in our bodies and senses. Finally, during the playground session, there’s time to experiment with your body and find your own way of expression.

Andra will be hosting Body and Sensuality at ISLA on May 12th from 4-7pm and the workshop is open to all female identifying people and non-binary fems. There are limited spaces though so make sure to register via soextraberlin@gmail.com to secure your place. The event is donation based. 

Wear whatever you want to the workshop, but make sure you personally feel sexy in your lewwwwk and get ready to work up a sweat too!

See you there...