Have you guys seen the cutest new arrivals at ISLA?

We are absolutely in love with The Goddess Craft’s boobie cups and from now on we only wanna sip our coffee from the tittie!

The Goddess Craft are all about celebrating and empowering the female body through their ceramic creations.

“We come in all shapes, colours and sizes,” says Jagi, creator of the brand. Through their work The Goddess Craft encourages us to “embrace individuality and appreciate feminine beauty.”

“Women, we are so powerful that we almost don’t understand it,” says Jagi, “we give life, we nurture, we thrive, we create, we fight for the good in the world, we are protectors, we are Goddesses.”

“I strongly believe in the beauty of imperfection” she says, which she reflects in each and every one of her unique pieces. “They are one of a kind, handmade in small batches, they’re a tribute to those life giving, pleasure giving breasts and the body as a whole.”

These cups are seriously to-die-for, and what better way to celebrate being a powerful female goddess than some tittie-cups? We’ve only got a limited amount of these beauties in store so make sure you get yours before they run out.

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