Cat Hepburn - Dating & Other Hobbies

    Dating & Other Hobbies is a collection of female-centred poetry and short stories. Screaming with authenticity and using toe-curlingly relatable observations on millennial life, Cat's unashamed writing treats the reader with the honesty of a wine guzzling bestie on a night out, making it both gut wrenching and spit-your-tea-out funny. From awkward one night stands, to ghosting, to extramarital affairs, to sending nudes... no stone is left unturned.

    Cat Hepburn is an award-winning scriptwriter and spoken word artist who has written for stage, screen and page and is based between Berlin and Glasgow. In addition to story-writing for television dramas and soaps for the BBC and Channel 4, her poetry has been featured on BBC6 Music, ITV and the Edinburgh Fringe.