Flouxus: The Baking Edition Magazine

    What started as a spontaneous photoshoot between two friends, a few hummus cookies, and a bruised ass, soon grew into a kinky culinary content platform, now with an accompanying zine. The first Flouxus zine with 30+ baking recipes is out now, ready to be savored by bakers and kinksters alike!

    • 100 pages (matt paper & soft cover) with 32 kinky recipes
    • photography & recipes by Louie Van Nieuwenborgh
    • graphic design & artwork by Kimbo Gruff  

    In front of Louie Van Nieuwenborgh’s lens, you’ll find red wine chocolate chip cookies or chickpea flour gingerbread, all getting their chance to star in someone’s foodie fantasy. Flouxus: The Baking Edition is not solely about creating food porn, it is about people expressing their sexuality, accompanied by fingerlicking recipes. From an armpit to BDSM, sneakers or uniforms: any foodstuff can be sexy, it’s all about the energy of a kinkster engaging with food.