Bundle Beauty Set - PSA Basic Routine

    Wanna treat your skin everyday?Get all you need for a daily skincare routine with this set including all the PSA favourites: Reset 001 Cleanser, Heroine 002 Toner and Goals 003 Serum. ✨

    - PSA Reset 001 Cleanser: This sulfate-free, creamy cleanser removes daily grime and makeup while infusing the skin with essential moisture and nutrients, without ever stripping the skin. Its nutrient-rich formula works to brighten the appearance of skin, replenish moisture and nourish skin.  100 ML

    - PSA Heroine 002 Toner: This toner gets your skin gleaming with AHAs and botanical extracts, brightens the appearance of skin, calms irritation and blemishes, as well as replenishes moisture. It’s a lesson in good posture for your pores, making them clean up their act to appear tighter and clearer, so your overall complexion glows. 100 ML

    - PSA Goals 003 Serum: They say success doesn’t come overnight, but it definitely helps when you have goals.This hydrating, multi acids night serum gets to work during your after-hours, reducing the appearance of imperfections, dark spots, large pores, as you sleep, so you wake up to clearer and more radiant skin that’s #goals. 30 ML

    Original price: € 106
    Bundle price: € 92