Remember that cult female clothing brand X-girl from the Nineties made cool by the likes of Chloë Sevigny?
Well they’re back (or maybe they never left...?) and we are one of the few exclusive stores outside of Asia and the States carrying the brand. 

What gives X-girl their edge and why do we at ISLA love it?  The brand represents unapologetic individuals with attitude and we are ALL about that. Take @pyn0504 for example; she works in X-girl's Harajuku store and her regular #xgirl updates via her 'gram have transformed her into a fashion powerhouse of the people.  With a growing fanbase looking to her for style inspiration, who are we to argue?

Our very own Charissa recently took a trip to Japan and visited the X-girl store in Tokyo to explore how the brand continues to evolve and inspire the girls of Harajuku and beyond.  The in-store vibe was heavily influenced by the skate scene with a particular shout out to a group of NYC based female skateboarders called ‘The Skate Kitchen’.  Check out their collab with X-girl here:

In a culture often driven by all things ‘kawaii’ (cute), in Japan X-girl stands out from the crowd by appealing to the rebel girl, the one who dares to be different.  With hashtags like #xgirl_ootd and #xgirljp trending over on Instagram, it doesn't look like their popularity is due to fade anytime soon.

We think X-girl is a badass brand and we owe it to the ISLA crew to share it with you because we know you get it.

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Written by Hazel Hedges