isla is the go-to Berlin nail salon, from basic colors to elaborate art

Our talented Berlin nail artists can create hundreds of designs, including any custom nail art you choose. Take a look below at some of the examples, or get in touch it you want something bespoke.

We offer everything from regular polish, to Shellac for a longer lasting finish, and Gel-X extensions for extra length. See our full list of treatments on the menu below.

Our Treatments


A hard-wearing alternative to regular polish which can last up to 3 weeks, helping brittle nails to grow long and strong. It's applied using an LED lamp and gently removed by hand by soaking with acetone


the latest and greatest in the world of nail extensions! They're applied using an LED lamp and can be the length and shape of your choice - Almond, Square, Stiletto etc. Gel-X last around 3 weeks and are a gentler and lighter alternative to other extensions. They're removed by soaking with acetone and won't damage your nails! 


A BIAB manicure uses Builder in a Bottle, a gel-like nail polish, which is applied as an overlay on your natural nails. It works very similarly to a normal gel polish, but as it has a thicker consistency it dries as a strong and durable layer - so you don't have to worry about chipping your brand new nails!


Tooth gems at isla

From simple Swarowski crystals to golden crosses, hearts and stars - we upgrade your teeth with our tooth gem services.

We offer a one month guarantee on our services, providing the customers the right to replace the gems, in-case they come off within this timeframe. However, it is important to note that our policy does not include refunds.