Are you as ready for summer as we are?? We are loving the sunshine right now and it's definitely got us in the mood for a fresh set of nails!

In need of some inspiration?! Don't worry, we've got you!

We asked two of our talented nail artists, Grace and Maddox, to share some of their fave looks and give you some ideas for that fresh summer mani you know you want!

Scroll down and get inspired...!

GRACE (@booshibishnails)
So many girls I know and I’ve spoken to are so critical of their boobs, and there’s one representation of boobs you see online or on tv and I just wanted to promote all types of boobs. My mother has had breast cancer and had a mastectomy in one of her boobs so I wanted to represent that too; rather than it be something to be embarrassed about, making it something to be empowered by.

We absolutely LOVE these and the message behind them too. Fancy some boobs on your talons??

In these ones it wasn’t necessarily the design that stood out to me, it was the process of doing the nails. I did these nails on my roomate who has never had anything to do with nails before. It was the start of quarantine and we did it for fun but throughout the process he started to understand why people do this and how such a small thing can make you feel so good about yourself. He could understand the whole art process of it too - it was nice to see someone completely understand your passion and to feel the passion having the art on their nails.

We can't get enough of this design, plus it's always great to hear of more people having a growing appreciation for nail art - there's so much more to it than just what you see!

MADDOX (@ballpit_addict)
I really enjoyed doing the Murakami set because it is a nice challenge, but also has plenty of fun colors! When I was doing them, practically half of ISLAs polish was on my desk 😆 Part of the reason I really like working at ISLA is that so many of our clients bring wonderful reference photos, and their ideas are always inspiring. It really pushes me as an artist and keeps me on my toes!

Who else is obsessing over these?! The colours, the design....they are SUPER kawaii and we want them!!

The Vivienne Westwood set is another favorite of mine because I love having everything as glittery as possible, and also really enjoy painting graphic designs. Her logo is so iconic, and I had a blast playing with some different color ways to really make the nails pop! These were also one of my first sets of Gel-X premium, so seeing the end result was very satisfying 😃 Hope to do more VW inspired nails in the future!

This twist on Vivienne Westwood's iconic logo really stood out to us and just shows the endless creative possibilities that can be achieved with a fab idea and a talented nail artist! Who's ready to book their appointment??

Seeing these looks definitely has us craving some colour on our tips in time for summer and celebrating the fact we are able to socialise again!

Grace on Instagram: @booshibishnails
Maddox on Instagram: @ballpit_addict

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Written by Hazel Hedges