Do these sneakers really need an introduction...? We didn't think so either!

Nike's Air Max 90 is an absolute classic and to mark it's 30th anniversary this month, Nike has launched the style in this gorgeous rose pink colour which has just landed at ISLA!

So what do we know about this already iconic shoe?
When it first broke out onto the scene in 1990, one of it's most eye-catching features was it's unique Infrared colourway which instantly set it apart from any previous models.  The 'Air' concept itself was nothing new as Nike had already been creating it for other sneakers since the late 70's, but the AM 90 featured the instantly recognisable chunky heel and window for the air bubble which wasn't repeated in later Air Max designs.

The AM 90 not only gained a following amongst runners for it's comfort and practicality, but also amongst the skateboarding community and street fashion scene for it's versatility and effortless style.  It's for these reasons why we believe the Nike Air Max 90 is here to stay!     

The Nike Air Max 90 is bold, stylish, and a risk taker - all qualities we love and admire within a shoe which is why ISLA couldn't be more excited to be bringing you this super cool design!

This new colour way has just hit our store and will no doubt be in high demand as it's a limited run, so we suggest getting your hands on them soon cuz once they're gone, they're gone!

What better way to slay your way into 2020 than wearing these badass kickz, are we right?!

Get your hands on them at the ISLA store or online HERE

Written by Hazel Hedges.