With most of us deep in quarantine mode at the mo, what better time to sit down with our talented nail artists (virtually obvs) and ask them to take a look back at some of their fave looks.

First up, we asked Maddy and Pia to reflect on some of the designs they’ve created since being at ISLA and choose the two that stand out to them the most.…a tough call when you’re the creator of so many inspiring looks!


The first set is from a few years ago, not long before we started ISLA.  4th of July was coming up and I wanted to do some nails to celebrate.  The Golden Arches were obv the first thing that came to mind!  These were done in regular polish (as that's all I had at home).  The smooth lines and symmetry were a killer to achieve with this product, so I was pretty proud of the end result.  This mani got some good press attention and stepped up my obsession with logo nails.

We can totally see why these are among your faves and why they got such attention from the press - that detail is insane and totally has us craving a Happy Meal…!
The second set is really recent.  I was kinda low that day (during lockdown) and missing home a lot, so was doing nails to keep busy (my go-to distraction!). I was playing around with Blooming Gel and decided to make a long purple set to try out the product.  The colour palette is super cute and I really liked how the colours moved to create the marble.  Plus, purple nails with orange jumper = fire.  I picked this set not because they're the most accomplished nails I've ever done, but because they cheered me up when I needed it.

‘This is what people sometimes don't get about a fresh manicure - it can totally change your frame of mind.’

These were one of the very first premium extensions I did and they turned out so cute! Probably the first time I was really proud of my work.

We can totally see why! We’re definitely getting some Sailor Moon vibes from this glittering set - I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to look down at these?! A super impressive first set of premium extensions too, no wonder they made it into your top two!

I love creating tribal designs as well as butterflies, so combining these with my love of French tips was the whole package for me.  We totally agree, and the lime green gives them that extra pop too - love!!

Stay tuned for our next post featuring two more of our amazing nail techs to fuel you with inspo for your next manicure….!

Maddy on Instagram: @maadnails
Pia on Instagram: @kkalashnikova_nails

Written by Hazel Hedges