If you thought you’d seen it all with 90s comebacks, think again. Toothgems have exploded in popularity recently, shining on the smiles of celebrities including Rita Ora and Katy Perry, who’s sported a gold nike tick on her teeth for quite a few years now.

Whether it’s a subtle diamonté gem, or a seriously eye-catching piece of bling, there’s so many ways to get on board with this comeback trend.

Here’s a few of our celebrity faves to get you feeling inspired to add some sparkle to your smile!

Sport some stars like Halsey
Switch it up with a cute little star for a stand-out look if you're in the mood to go maxxed out bling. We have a few stars left in stock so if you wanna flex this look, you'd better be quick!
Get grilled like Adwoah Aboah
Grills got big last year, like really big, with plenty of famous names splashing their cash on a flashy gold smile. If you're not quite ready to commit to a full grill, take inspiration from Adwoah Aboah's grill-esque tooth gem thats just the right amount of street-chic glam.
Double up like Hailey Bieber
Model turned tv personality Hailey carries her cool style to her smile and makes sure she stands out with a double dose of sparkle. 
Bottom lip luxe like Ariana
Ariana's everywhere at the moment so there's no surprise she's ahead of the trend and spinning her own unique twist on the look.

Classic like our girl Cynthia
Sometimes you just can't get better than the original, why mess with perfection right? Simple, subtle, and stylish af!

Feeling tempted? Book in to get blinged up over in the appointments section of the ISLA site. Gems cost €25 each and can last up to 3 months! Or come see us at the Riya Hamid store takeover event next week for International Women's Day where we'll be doing free tooth gems all night. Check out our blog post for more deets and invite your friends on Facebook.