When it comes to sex toys, how can we make sure our vagina is feeling as good as we are?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a sex toy, size, shape, vibration, the list is endless really. But what about combining our physical pleasure with our spiritual side too? Cue the new must-have on the sex scene, a rose quartz pleasure wand.

Rose quartz is the crystal of the heart and channels unconditional love. Healers use it to promote self-love and confidence, as well as attracting and promoting sexual pleasure and romance. So, what better way to provide your pussy with a little loving than a rose quartz pleasure wand?

100% natural, with no chemicals and no nasties, the wand is energetically charged, providing more than just a sexual feeling, but a spiritual one too. Better yet, unlike standard silicone toys which degrade overtime, the all-natural crystal stone lasts a lifetime, so you can enjoy your pleasure wand again and again and again.

Using your rose quartz pleasure wand, you’ll feel overwhelmed with a higher level of consciousness in your vagina, love life, body and self. This powerful dildo allows you to connect to your pleasure instincts, and with yourself on a new level of intimacy, not to mention it looks really cute on your bedside cabinet too. 

The rose quartz pleasure wand is about more than just sex. Use it in your daily life as part of your spiritual routine to achieve more self-confidence and feelings of body-positivity. Vanessa Cuccia, author of the book ‘Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure’ says “crystals are energy amplifiers. When you open yourself up to sensing the subtle vibration of crystals, you can sensitise yourself to feeling pleasure more intensely.”

Make sure to clean your crystal after every use by giving it a wipe over with some sex toy cleaning fluid and warm water. And, don’t forget to charge your wand every full moon to get the most out of its healing powers. All you have to do is leave it out overnight on a windowsill, bathed in plenty of moonlight. You can even recite a charging spell while cleansing your crystal to enhance its powers.

So, what are you waiting for? Cancel your plans and set yourself up for a night of steamy, spiritual self-love. When it comes to using your pleasure wand, setting the mood is key, run yourself a bubble bath, slap on a face mask, and let your stresses melt away. Once you’re feeling suitably serene, it’s time to get personal with your pleasure wand.

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Original unedited cover artwork by Madelaine Buttini.