What happens when you mix one part fashion student, and one part synth pop star?

Cult label X-girl was born in 1994, founded by stylist Daisy von Furth and Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon.

“Back in the 90s, you weren’t cool if you weren’t wearing X-girl” says Dazed magazine’s Morgan Nyfeler“with its logo t-shirts, A-line dresses and androgynous look, the brand established itself as the go-to for skater girls.”

Kim and Daisy designed clothes that they wanted to wear and the label was considered to be “a pioneer of the ‘girls movement’ in the fashion industry.” They wanted “something that was really of the moment” said X-girl pattern maker Wendy Mullin, “at the time, ‘girl power’ was coming out and this idea of ‘anything boys can do, girls can do better’.”

“It was really part of that early 90s feminist thing happening” said Wendy.

Reminiscing about the brand, Vogue’s Rebecca Johnson said “it was the gateway fashion drug for 90s girls like me who were anti-establishment, anti-mainstream, anti-consumer, strictly secondhand, skate-schooled, reared on DIY ethics, on punk, hip-hop, with a shot of indie rock.”

In 1998 the brand was bought out by a Japanese company, and fast forward 20 years later X-girl continues to churn out cult-classic looks “inspired by rock, military, outdoor, sports and many other street culture factors.”

With the growing reemergence of cult 90s clothing, blended with the iconic styles of the y2k era, the X-Girl look is back on trend. The brand’s most recent collections ooze punk girl power, and add just the right amount of 90s feminist aesthetic to any look. Some of our fave pieces are the X-Girl Plaid Skirt, X-Girl Wide Jacket with Big Pockets, X-Girl Flowing Earclips and the X-Girl Desert Camo Pants.

Check out the X-girl lookbook below and shop the brand instore and online at ISLA.