Been feeling down lately? Stressed, or out-of-sync with yourself? Chances are your astrological signs might be playing a little havoc on you.

Did you know that your star sign is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mapping your stars? The way the stars and planets were aligned at the exact time you were born are thought to play a part in the essential make-up of your personality. It’s really easy to work this out, and there’s plenty of sites online that will make your birth chart for you, like this one here.

Astrology is a big these days, and it seems you can’t go anywhere without someone asking what house your moon’s in or telling you mercury’s in retrograde and about to fuck all your shit up.

Lately, the stars have been speaking to us, and we’re feeling seriously inspired by these astrological looks on Instagram. 

Stay wild moon child

Starry night sky

Gaze up at the galaxy

Feelin' Spacey


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